which type of art student are you?

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this guy’s post with the cartoons is hysterical: which (art) student you are? i never went to art school but i’d probably be a combination of the snob/goth/club type. if you click the image you can see it larger. funny that there are 16 types. i wonder if there is any correlation to the 16 meyers-briggs personality types.

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image used with kind permission from chuck dillon

i’m no angel

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heather nova is one of my favorite musicians. she may say she’s no angel but she sure sounds like one.

beginning anew

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forest spring by sundstrom

metamorphia – art of the soul

this will be a place to dream, to imagine, to find inspiration as an artist. my creative well has been dry for too long so i will fill this space with images, words, music, etc that help me to create once again. i hope you’ll come along as the journey begins…

image credits: forest spring by sundstrom