the philco pc: a 50s-inspired design

before you start drooling for this 50s-inspired pc from schultzework design studio, a local pasadena product and 3D viz design firm, please know it isn’t a reality…yet. the philco pc received top-three placement in a design competition for the “radical reinvention of the personal computer” and it was inspired by a classic 50s tv (the philco predicta), modern minimalism, the steampunk movement, and antiques. the above image is amazingly not a photograph but one of their 3D visualizations. it had me fooled. i think the philco pc is a beauty and it just might nudge this mac girl to covet a pc if it hits the market. being a pasadena native i am especially pleased to give kudos to schultzeworks design studio for an innovative and stunning design.

ht: poetic home

~ by grace on March 14, 2010.

One Response to “the philco pc: a 50s-inspired design”

  1. Howdy neighbor, and thanks for the nice post. We also made a mostly cool video, so check it out!

    Dave Schultze, SchultzeWORKS. Philco PC designer.

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