ode to the 90s

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i have a client who has a very 90s look going on, so i created my own ode to the 90s today.

old paper by struckdumb

the philco pc: a 50s-inspired design

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before you start drooling for this 50s-inspired pc from schultzework design studio, a local pasadena product and 3D viz design firm, please know it isn’t a reality…yet. the philco pc received top-three placement in a design competition for the “radical reinvention of the personal computer” and it was inspired by a classic 50s tv (the philco predicta), modern minimalism, the steampunk movement, and antiques. the above image is amazingly not a photograph but one of their 3D visualizations. it had me fooled. i think the philco pc is a beauty and it just might nudge this mac girl to covet a pc if it hits the market. being a pasadena native i am especially pleased to give kudos to schultzeworks design studio for an innovative and stunning design.

ht: poetic home

the art of procrastination

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ht: apartment therapy

business help for artists & creative types

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some of us creative types aren’t always that skilled when it comes to selling our wares. here are a couple of cool sites that offer help for the artists among us. modish biz tips from the fun design and style site modish and the ezine good to know from amy at pikaland. good to know has advice + inspiration from artists/illustrators/designers on creativity business & life, and modish biz tips has cool sections featuring artists making a living doing what they love, monthly goal meetups and more.

image used with kind permission of konrad mostert

the hamburger bed is going, going…

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hamburger bed

is this a riot or what?! it’s the hamburger bed. it’s a one of a kind! it was never meant to be sold but the creator/owner kayla kromer has fallen on hard times and has to sell it. it you want to bid on it at ebay just click on the photo. hurry, bidding ends july 19th. i love the notes: renegade sesame seeds may need to be reattached after washing and the pickle pillow is not included. what?! no pickle pillow?? lol. 10% of the price will be donated to a charity as well. sweet. there is even a facebook fan page. come on, you know you want to join. :)

ht: apartment therapy

photo by Heather Leah Kennedy used with kind permission

justpotters: pottery with a purpose

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i’ve discovered justpotters which is one of justworks social enterprise businesses. justpotters run out of the basement studio of a church and provide those on the margins of society a place to learn and work. what a wonderful idea and their pottery is delightful! if you click the image it will take you to their etsy shop. i’d love to do something like this with a line of stationery products.

ht: modish

image used with kind permission of justpotters

mid-century modern can be rustic too

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over at the mid-century modern blog i found a photo spread that beautiful harmonizes mid-century modern design with a rustic sensibility. the architects are nyc firm fernlund + logan and their work features some wonderful modern design. enjoy.

photo used with kind permission from fernlund + logan

which type of art student are you?

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this guy’s post with the cartoons is hysterical: which (art) student you are? i never went to art school but i’d probably be a combination of the snob/goth/club type. if you click the image you can see it larger. funny that there are 16 types. i wonder if there is any correlation to the 16 meyers-briggs personality types.

ht: do

image used with kind permission from chuck dillon

i’m no angel

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heather nova is one of my favorite musicians. she may say she’s no angel but she sure sounds like one.

beginning anew

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forest spring by sundstrom

metamorphia – art of the soul

this will be a place to dream, to imagine, to find inspiration as an artist. my creative well has been dry for too long so i will fill this space with images, words, music, etc that help me to create once again. i hope you’ll come along as the journey begins…

image credits: forest spring by sundstrom